April 22, 2020 1 min read

Back again with Part Four in this 5-part series seeing us master the basics of a hip thrust or glute bridge with Sean Harding of Back2Basics Fitness Studio

This is a great exercise to get the glutes firing and work the backside of the body. To get your foundation form correct, start off on the floor and as you gain more strength, begin to use a bench or a chair to explore a bit more range of motion!


Lie on the ground with your legs bent and bring your heels in as close to your glutes as feels comfortable


Focus on your pelvis position: Tilt your pelvis forward into an arched position and then gently begin to tilt your pelvis back again into a hollow position, and press your belly button down into the ground.


Place your hands by your side and grip the floor with your fingers and push your knees wide. From here, drive the heels down into the ground, lifting your glutes and hips up, squeezing your glutes as you go.

If you have your initial pelvis positioning correct, your body won’t be able to hyperextend meaning  your back won’t arch, but instead, stay strong and straight.


Begin to lower your hips back towards the ground, starting with the mid and lower back, slowly bring your whole lower body back to the floor.



Make sure to check out the other tutorials in this series including mastering the basics of a squat, split-squat and push-up!

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