Gym+Coffee Clubhouses

COVID-19 Update - Clubhouses are open!

It's happened again... OUR CLUBHOUSES ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED in Ireland and the UK. We will let you know just as soon as it's safe to welcome you back to our retail stores but in the meantime, our online store is open and there are some brand new G+C goodies awaiting you on the virtual shelves! Stay safe, stay connected and we hope to see you soon!

Dundrum Town Centre

Our Flagship location and the first store we ever opened (yay!), Gym+Coffee at Dundrum Town Centre has been our baby since we flung the doors open over a year ago.
The space that was meant to be only a 2-week pop-up store is still going strong and located on Level Three at Dundrum Town Centre. We are very lucky with this space as we get to hold lots of events at Dundrum each year - we’ll be there for the foreseeable future with our full range of athleisure, merchandise, an amazing, friendly + knowledgeable crew plus lots of fun things to be announced!

Westfield, London

Yep, it's official! The first-ever International G+C Clubhouse is NOW OPEN in Westfield London, White City!!!! We are so excited to be taking this step as a team and bringing our Make Life Richer attitude to the United Kingdom.
This plan has been in the works for a while now and while 2020 has thrown a lot at us that we weren't expecting, we are absolutely delighted to see this dream become a reality!

The Crescent, Limerick

Our shining star of the Treaty County! The Limerick G+C Clubhouse has just celebrated it's one year anniversary - time flies when you're having fun!
We can't wait to see you there to begin (or continue!) your Make Life Richer journey!

Mahon Point, Cork

Our awesome Clubhouse at Mahon Point opened in April 2019 and we have received an exceptionally warm welcome to Cork!
We won’t be going anywhere anytime soon so we really look forward to seeing you in person at Mahon Point Shopping Centre. Thanks to everyone who has visited us already - you’ve really made us feel welcome and completely at home.


We are OPEN! This is our biggest G+C Clubhouse yet and we are so incredibly excited to be serving up a healthy dose of our Make Life Richer attitude to the good people of Blanch! Come and see us in our newest location!

Liffey Valley

Our first EXPERIENTIAL Pop-Up store, Liffey Valley is going strong with all your favourite gear, smiling faces and a crew of staff ready and waiting to make TikTok videos with you.
Come in and say hi!

See What Our Community Have to Say

"Wonderful staff very helpful,kind and smiles from all staff,we went back next day to make another purchase and same kind smiling face staff."

Jane Collins

22 SEP 2020

"Girl was so lovely , myself and my mam was in and she was so helpful and nice instead of buying one hoodie and leggings I ended up buy 3 and 2 leggings lovely girl and really good personality really liked her job"

Stacey Cambpell

17 SEP 2020

"Went in during a very busy period but even still all the employees were more than helpful getting sizes etc...couldn't fault the store or staff"

Richard Looney

22 NOV 2019