We’re here to Make Life Richer.


Gym+Coffee is an athleisure brand and community of people with a passion to Make Life Richer.

Proudly designed in Ireland, Gym+Coffee was created in 2017 by three friends on a mission to bring high quality athletic clothing to a nation that was quickly making the corner cafe and Ireland’s stunning natural landscape the new social hubs.

We are now Ireland's largest and most recognisable athleisure brand serving our community from our Clubhouses in Ireland and the UK and continuing to expand our online presence in Australia, North America, Europe and the rest of the globe.



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But what’s the world’s best hoodie (worn by you), going to do or be without a cohort to roam with?

Gym sesh? We’re in. Just add a crew to the class. Run? Totally. And give us a pack to pound the pavement with. Caffeine + chill? Yes please. And make mine communal down time. In it to win it or in it to finish, we’re here for making the most of the moments and for us, that starts with the people we surround ourselves with. Those people are you.

Everything centres on Community at G+C. No lip service, no retrofitting, no marketing ploy. That’s where it started, that’s where it’s going and that’s why it'll never end. We partner locally + globally.


We support grassroots and we absolutely punch above our weight. We look after our team members and we nurture and (aggressively) protect an inclusive, optimistic, relentless + super sound culture.

Our community is centred on people and people need this planet. So, sustainable care + action is at our core too. We’re certified carbon neutral and we’re taking care to care intensely.

Join us :Come to a Clubhouse if there’s one nearby. Register for an event  Join the Sherpa Programme. Link in with us online.


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We are 100% Carbon Neutral and have begun our B-Corp certification journey.

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Hoodies made for reps and rest days. Check out or full range of men's and women's hoodies.

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