Mastering the Basics: The Squat

Mastering the Basics: The Squat

We’re here, mastering the basics with Sean Harding of Back2Basics Fitness Studio, this time with a breakdown of a correct squat!

This is a great exercise for promoting skill, coordination, range of mobility and a good strength base when performed correctly.

Check out the video and see the full breakdown below!


Face your feet forward, ideally about shoulder-width apart. If you need to take a slightly wider stance to begin with, that’s all good! You can work towards a tighter stance as you practice.


From here, we’re working on 3 points of equal pressure and contact to form a strong base:

    1. Pressure into the floor through your big toe
    2. Pressure into the floor through your baby toe
    3. Pressure through the heel.


    Once you have that strong base, begin to gently rotate your hip capsule (working to shift the knees, legs + hips) slightly away from the body. The extent of this rotation will depend on your existing mobility levels so don’t force it! Build up your strength and adjust as needed.


    Begin to hinge slightly at the hips and slowly lower your body towards the ground, bending at the knees and making sure your knees drive out wider than your toes. To complete the full squat, you want to push lower than the crease in your knee.


    Use your arms and hands to keep balanced if it helps you as you put weight into your quads and push yourself back up to standing position.

      Make sure you listen to your body as you complete these steps and stay aware of your range of motion, mobility boundaries and any injury issues.