The Crew: The Final Chapter

The final chapter of the Crew is here. The biggest project we have ever undertaken and after 9 months, it has come to an end. There are so many emotions and themes to summarise here, and we will in the coming days and weeks, but for now hear from the 8 participants themselves in the video below.


If you haven’t heard of the Crew project yet and are coming across it for the first time, there are summary links below to all the episodes, supporting blogs on why we did this project, the challenges we are trying to tackle and bios for all of the participants.

This project was inspired by feedback we were getting from our community. Covid and the trends that have developed as result have had a significant impact on all of us. So many of us are more connected than ever while at the same time feeling more disconnected than ever and experiencing feelings of loneliness. Ireland is now officially the loneliest country in Europe, according to research recently published by the European Commission in 2022. 

There are so many themes in the Crew and all of the videos we have posted. The last chapter really summarises the most poignant learning - community, close relationships and social connections really are the key to everything in our lives. With those in place, we can achieve so many things.

This is backed up by the Harvard Study on Adult Development - the longest running study in the world, ongoing for more than 85 years. That study found that close relationships and social connections are the primary driver of how people age and how that affects their physical and mental health.


Let us know your feedback or thoughts after watching the final chapter.

We can’t wait to share more with you and discuss the topics that we have surfaced from this project.

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