The Crew: Chapter 3, The Obstacle is the Way

Chapter 3 focuses on reviewing the journey so far. Since their goal setting workshop, our 8 participants have spent a number of months working towards their goals and plans. But it’s never straight forward, this workshop helps them recognise the good and bad, the ups and downs, the achievements and the obstacles. Either way it’s growth and you can really begin to see a change in everyone in The Crew.


This chapter of The Crew focuses on reviewing the journey so far.

Each participant has put in incredible effort in the last few months - implementing a tangible plan off the back of their goal setting and holding each other accountable in regular check ins. To get ready for this third workshop, they were each asked to prepare the following:

  • a paragraph on how your crew journey is going thus far - be as honest as possible.
  • a paragraph on what (if anything) you are struggling with.
  • bring something with you to the next session. It should represent your WHY for embarking on this journey of personal growth. It must be something symbolic, that when you look at it, see it, hold it - it inspires you. Use your imagination & enjoy the process of searching for it!

Watch the full video to learn more about each participant’s journey, the growth they have achieved and the obstacles they are still working on.




The final chapter of the Crew is here. The biggest project we have ever undertaken and after 9 months, it has come to an end. There are so many emotions and themes to summarise here, and we will in the coming days and weeks, but for now hear from the 8 participants themselves.

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