The Crew: Chapter 1

After 6 months since first opening up applications, the first episode of The Crew is finally here. Meet the 8 brave participants who make up the group - their hopes, motivations, obstacles and fears as they embarked on this journey a few months ago. The extended version is at the end of this page for those interested in following the whole story.



8 Brave Participants

Shauna 22, Teacher, Co. Kerry

"I have set myself a few challenges for this year and one is to put myself out there and in different situations. I feel that I was so isolated for so long because of Covid and then that caused personal issues for me. I’ve spent the last year building up my confidence again and I’m so open to new challenges now. I feel I’m at a point in my life that I should be looking out for new things to do and meeting new like minded people. I feel that with the help of friends and family pushing me on and fighting my corner I can really achieve this. I think The Crew opportunity would help me take steps in the right direction"

Jack 26, Sales, Co.Down

"I’m a firm believer in putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to help you grow. This year is the right time for me to step out of the shadows in a number of aspects of my life. I’m unsure exactly how I’m going to do this but getting on the front foot and understanding my goals will be the foundation. A supportive network will help drive me on and keep me accountable throughout the year."

Sinead, 48, Nurse, Co.Dublin

"I want to understand who I am more, not a mam, a wife etc but who Sinead is and what I like. Physical challenges will push me to be brave but I know there are a number of other areas that I need to focus on too. It has been a challenging few years for everyone and I know I need to address some things to be able to move forward. I think being part of The Crew and going through the workshops will really help me."

Ronan, 28, Marketing, Co. Dublin

"It's hopefully not too wishy washy, but I'm looking to achieve a greater sense of purpose in my life. I'm finding it difficult lately to really feel present in my life, always looking outwards at what others are achieving, rather than focusing on my own development. I don't know what I want out of life, and that scares me because time just ticks on. So I guess it's a sense of self, a better understanding of who I am now and who I want to become."

Onyinye, 28, Engineer, Co. Cork

"I am fit, I love the gym but running is something very new and different for me. I have signed up for the Hyrox event in Dublin for October. It is a significant challenge for me as I have never competed in any sporting event in my life but I am prepared to put in the work necessary to accomplish these goals. Knowing that I have a crew of people supporting and cheering me on would be a tremendous help to me on the darker days."

Sarah, 37, Stay-at-Home Mother, Co. Dublin

"I fell into a terrible rut throughout Covid and lost all motivation for most things. I have been finding it hard to get myself going in regards to a healthier lifestyle. I feel like I’ve just become a mammy with no other goal or focus. I talk myself out of things because I feel fear when it comes to doing things particularly when i'm alone. I think an accountability group will help a lot and I'm ready to be part of a crew and tackle my fear in 2023."

Shane, 45, CEO, Co. Dublin

"I want to get fit, strong and healthy so I can be an active dad for decades. My parents passed away at a young age from illnesses (I was 11 and 14). My kids are aware of this. Recently my 5 year old gave me a big nudge. He asked me how old will I be when he is 45. I said 85. His response, "but you are not fit and healthy like mummy". He is right - I need to get my act together. The Crew is what I need to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle for years ahead."

Triona, 50, Administrator, Co. Kerry

"I really want to regain my confidence in 2023 and lead a healthier, happier life. It would be great if this included increasing my fitness to have the ability to take on a couple of the bucket list items too, such as climbing Carrauntoohil and Croagh Patrick. I would also like to do my first marathon swim.  Most importantly, I want these changes for life not to look good in a dress in a few months time. Assistance in the form of support and encouragement to try new things, to stick at what I start and to finish it out no matter how tough it gets. I want to reciprocate this support to everyone else in the group so that everyone will gain maximum benefit from participating."



Learn more about the motivations behind the Crew project, what challenges it is trying to address and what the 9 month programme is all about.