Setting Goals + Achieving Them with Louise Quinn

We are so excited to welcome Louise Quinn to the Gym+Coffee team! 

We’ve definitely got an expert in our presence, so we caught up with Louise to discuss a topic she knows all-too-well about: Setting Goals and, most importantly, achieving them.

We’ve all been there. The distance between goal setting and actually getting there feels endless. You know what you want, but how do you get there? 

One thing Louise Quinn is known for is her ability to tackle hard work head-on. She’s a grafter and no stranger to going all in to do what it takes to achieve her goals. 

While some people make it look easy (yes, we’re looking at you, Louise), there’s a lot that goes on between kick-off and the final whistle. 

Louise has shared some of her top tips for hitting those targets. 

Write It Down

Louise is a big believer in getting those goals down on paper. “I like to write down or visualise my goals in sport regularly,” she tells us. “Sometimes they can change week to week but there is always a common theme.”

Seeing your goals on paper helps make them real, allows you to visualise yourself achieving them and holds you accountable to yourself. 

Rally The Troops

You don’t have to be on your own! “I was really fortunate when I was coming up,” she remembers. “I had so much support from friends, family and coaches.”

Surrounding yourself with positive people who can go on your journey with you can keep you focused, encouraged and, most importantly, having fun!

Louise suggests “Try to reach your goals with another friend so it's more enjoyable to do it together.”

Who knew tackling your personal goals could be a team sport? 

“You don't have to be the best, just be your best.”

louise-quinn-gym-plus-coffee-ambassadorG+C Ambassador Louise Quinn talks about her process for achieving her goals. 

Step By Step

Shift your focus. Direct your mind from the finish line and concentrate on those smaller milestones. 

Louise advises “Break your final goal into short, medium and long term goals so the end goal isn't so daunting and gradually build towards it.”

Don’t Compare Yourself

“You should never compare your goals to anyone else. They are yours and yours only,” Louise explains. 

Drowning out any noise or doubt can be a difficult task for many of us, but it’s a crucial step in getting to where you want to be. Louise tells us “People reach goals at a different pace and different ways so really I wouldn't listen if people think they are too far fetched. When you put your mind to it and work hard at it your goal can be very achievable.” 

Enjoy The Process 

This could be the most important step of all. Don’t let the pressure to reach the end goal take the love that got you started in the first place. 

As Louise says, “Enjoy what you do and enjoy the process.”

To learn more about Louise Quinn and welcome her to the G+C community, head over to our Instagram now!


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