Putting the ‘care’ in Skincare

Jennifer Rock is the indomitable founder and CEO of The Skin Nerd, a multi-award winning dermal facialist and skin trainer by trade and she’s hanging out with us for the whole of February!!

An expert in all things skin health, Jennifer has cultivated a team of Nerds + Nerdettes who embody her philosophy of education and empowerment when it comes to skincare. She’s an author, beauty innovator (if you haven’t heard about her Cleanse Off Mitt yet, you’re missing out, seriously), has her own skin care range, is a regular on myriad radio stations, newspapers + magazines and she dedicates her time to educating the global public about how to really look after yourself, from the inside, out! Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd Gym+Coffee Collab

Having ignited an interest in skincare at age 13, Jennifer followed a path of all-things-skin and along the way has developed a huge community - one which she clearly cares for both on a professional and a personal level. The care seems to be reciprocated 110% and her ‘Nerd Network’ is a committed crew of folk who are looking to complement their skincare regimen with a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

In 2018, Jennifer & The Skin Nerd won the IMAGE x Samsung The Pitch award and then in 2019, Jennifer helped to judge the award where… well… we won… and the rest is health+wellness history!

The Skin Nerd Cleanse Off Mitt

We are so excited to be working with a group of such awesome, fun, (self-confessed) nerdy and honestly, rather fabulous folks who are keen to grow and branch out with us!

If you missed the buzzer to be a part of one of our FitSkin February events, never fear! You can still avail of some awesome info by connecting with The Skin Nerd online, following along with us on our FitSkin journey and making the most of some incredible in-store offers including a special Self-Care Bundle of G+C gear and Skingredients goodies! Come and see us in any of our stores to get your hands on one and check out the video above!

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