Gym+Coffee USA Store Launch 2018

Fairytale of New York

TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO we launched ourselves into the heart of the Big Apple and since then we've sold G+C gear to our communities in 37 of the 50 states! Today, we’re feeling nostalgic so we’re leafing through the pictures that hold all the memories from our first team trip to The States!

Yes, there were shipping issues… but we’ve learned so much since then and we managed to get a snuggly G+C beanie on all 60 of the fine folk who showed up to National Sawdust for one of the most epic POUND FIT classes we’ve been a part of! That event really cemented our friendship with the Pound Fit gals and we’re so happy to have continued that relationship through loads of events back here at home.

And then in a wonderful twist of kismet, we met Allie at our NY event (who had already been to our Summer Stretch series), a bright, young Irish go-getter who has since moved back to Dublin and is now one of the core members of our HQ team! How much do you love serendipity?!

So much has changed since our launch in the US and we’re grateful for all the learnings and experiences we’ve had along the way. One thing is for certain though, the core things that keep us going are all still there and getting only stronger: community, socialising around exercise, a quest to make life richer, and a constant desire for MORE COFFEE!!!!

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