Introducing our first ever healthy snack: MINI GAINS!

Introducing MINI GAINS, our first ever healthy snack. We are so excited to launch Mini Gains, our first step into the healthy snack category. Last summer we surveyed our VIP customers and asked them what else they would like to see G+C launch…..their answer - healthy snacks!! They asked, so we delivered. 

Mini Gains is a high protein, low sugar snack in a 30g shareable pack of delicious, crunchy, chocolate balls! Available in all of our retail stores and online in Ireland.

As this is a very new offering for Gym+Coffee, we knew we needed to do something a little different to launch Mini Gains. So, we enlisted the help of our Olympic ambassadors Kellie Harrington and Rhys McCleneghan alongside Garron Noone and Kyla Cobbler to help us brainstorm the name and a lot more.

Mini Gains will be your new go to treat or snack when you want to make that healthy choice. Check out the product below.