Launching our new hoodie colour - Midnight Navy

We are bursting with excitement to launch our first brand new colour in what feels like forever. This hoodie really means a lot to us as it feels like it represents a lot of what we are passionate about and is the beginning of a new chapter for G+C too.

So, why this colour? A deep blue with a slight purple tint, Midnight Navy suggests the glimmer of light shining on a still ocean at night. As like anyone else, we are constantly inspired by our environment. Increasingly in recent times, for us that environment has been the Dublin Docklands. You can’t help but take inspiration from the Grand Canal Theatre, its square and the developments north of the river. The Docklands represents so many things - the collision of old and new, Ireland’s cultural and innovative heart, and most importantly for us, it represents a new Ireland.

People come to this part of Dublin city to experience so many things. They come to build a modern lifestyle that includes exercise, work, socialising and relaxing. They come to enjoy the coming together of the river, the canal and the sea. At night, the lights of the new Docklands’ buildings create a beautiful glimmer on the surrounding water.

These people and this atmosphere have inspired our new hoodie, Midnight Navy.

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