March 08, 2018 2 min read

Empowered women empower women!

Since launching Gym+Coffee,  we have been lucky enough to meet and collaborate with some amazing women. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Julie Burke, Sinéad Mooney, Liz Costigan Fleury and Treasa Traynor have teamed up to run a series of events across Dublin. We are delighted to support this incredible initiative they have created and encourage everyone to take part in this great day of activities. To mark the day, they have also captured their own thoughts on what it means and share it below.

“Our International Women’s Day celebration came about when Treasa messaged us all just over a week ago to suggest we all meet up on the day.  We all agreed it was a great idea and before you know it we are growing our little catch up into a full day of events to mark such a significant day for us and for all women. It’s a classic example of how we work as a group.
We know each other through meeting at various health and wellness events. We don’t know each other very long and rarely get to meet all together but we instantly clicked and from day one, whether we are all together or we meet in separate groups, there is a wonderful sense of positivity, support and true friendship which we believe is somewhat of a rarity.
We are all very chatty with bubbly personalities which people might expect to be a clash but what we have found the complete opposite to be true.  We are all extremely positive and determined women with a very clear understanding of the importance of community and supporting those around you. We have all experienced first hand the negativity and nastiness that often exists when women come together not only in this industry but also in our day-to-day lives. We feel it’s unnecessary and destructive. We all truly champion each other and are fully supportive of everything we all do – there is no jealousy or competition, there is support and encouragement.
We all recognize the challenge of working for ourselves, and how lonely it can be at times. With this we chose to focus on how much stronger we can be, individually and as a group, if we work together.
By coming together on IWD and running various events across Dublin we hope to create an example, to change the dynamic where women are pitched against each other and feel the need to compete against one another. We want to encourage other women to join us to celebrate themselves and each other, to recognise the power and possibilities of working together and supporting each other."

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