One Year From Now...

One Year From Now...

Exactly one month ago, we had our first birthday party on top of a mountain….in January, yup. To our amazement, loads of people showed up on a horrible day to climb to the top of the mountain and post their goal for the year.

We have spent the last few weeks reading through all of the goals. We were blown away by the ambition first and and by the focus on running too. So many people want to start running more regularly and some are even aiming to complete half-marathons, marathons and adventure races one year from now. As so many have similar goals, we will definitely do what we can to help people get out and start running. More to come on that in the next few days :)

As we promised at the start of January, our aim with the birthday box of goals is to help someone, in any way we can, achieve their goal one year from now. The person we have chosen to help is Aoife Hosey who aims to have completed a half marathon in the next year!

Congratulations to her and we can’t wait to start working with her on getting to that start line and finish line!

To see more of the big goals for 2018 from our community, follow this link to our Instagram to check out a selection. Remember, it’s never too late to start working on your own goal. This kind of big thinking shouldn’t be reserved solely for January. One year from now, you’ll be glad you started today! :)