Gym+Coffee Hoodie Spotted at the Arctic Circle!

Getting to know you!

Get to Know Your Customers Day is this Thursday and one of the ways we’ve been getting to know you all is through our Birthday Goals exercise!

Each year for our birthday, we climb the Sugarloaf Mountain in County Wicklow and each year we place the Gym+Coffee Goals Box at the summit. We ask you all to join us in celebration, pledging a commitment to yourself and what you want to achieve in the year ahead. It’s been such an awesome way to see what it is that’s important to you all, and how different your goals are!

This year we are climbing the Sugarloaf in support of the 20X20 movement and we’ll be pledging our personal goals as well as a commitment to 20X20 and their push to increase female sports participation, media coverage and game attendance.

Here’s a look back through some of the goals from last year as inspiration - see you on the 25th! Don't forget to RSVP here!