Female Health: Further Resources

Female Health: Further Resources


Jennie Haire is a registered Nutritionist and holds an MSc and a BSc in Science from University College Dublin.

Women's Health Month PART THREE: Further Resources

It’s incredibly empowering to understand what’s happening in your body over the course of your cycle and why you feel completely different from one end of the month to the other. You will reap the benefits of learning how to work with your hormones to support your female biology. The impact of which will be visible in so many aspects of your life, from; your training and performance, to your energy levels on a daily basis, to the way you are able to manage stress.

Your monthly cycle is an incredible indicator of health and your body’s way of letting you know if there’s something out of sync. It’s so important that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that menstruation is the ‘fifth vital sign of health’, next to the four other key indicators; pulse, body temperature, breathing rate and blood pressure.

Take the time to learn about your own personal cycle, begin to track it and take note of how you are feeling and tailor your training accordingly. Some of my favourite tracking apps are Eve, Flo, Natural Cycles and FitrWoman. Try and change your perspective, instead of looking at your cycle as something you have to ‘deal with’ every month, learn to leverage your female hormones and make them work for you! 

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, below is a list of resources from women such as Alisa Vitti and Dr. Stacy Sims who are doing incredible work in the female health space;

  • Book: ‘ROAR’ by Dr. Stacy Sims
  • Book: ‘In the  Flo’ by Alisa Vitti
  • Book: ‘Period Repair Manual’ by Lara Briden
  • Podcast: ‘Train like a girl’ - Part 1 & Part 2: Leanne Ward Nutrition ft. Dr. Stacy Sims
  • Podcast: ‘#94: Unlock your hormonal advantage by harnessing the power of your infradian rhythm with Alisa Vitti’ - Broken Brain Podcast with Dhru Purohit

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~ Jennie - @onehealth_nutrition