When the guys told us about Gym+Coffee and their ethos, we thought this would be something we’d love to get involved with.

Our story begins with my (Stephen’s) story, discovering frozen yogurt during my time living in New York in 2011. I had loved how fun and interactive the whole process of self serve frozen yogurt was and thought Dublin needs this and as a business it’s exactly what i’d like to be doing! So I came home with a spring in my step and got to work on opening Yogism.

Along the way I’ve had a lot of fun, met some amazing people, and hired some really great staff. At the moment we’re 16 strong.

I started with a clear idea, I wanted Yogism to be fun, no customer should leave without a smile on their face. That’s what I tell the staff every time we chat, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job of sticking to that original plan. So I guess there’s a small but nice tie between our ethos and the ethos of Gym+Coffee, making life richer.

The first winter after opening Yogism, I realised we were going to need to introduce some warmer options to attend to the Irish winters. So we started with coffee. We wanted to be the best we could at everything we did so we got in contact with little known local coffee suppliers 3FE who at the time were beginning to build somewhat of a reputation for themselves. From there a whole world of new learning was opened up to us. When we discovered how much there was to learn about good coffee, and how interesting and tasty speciality coffee could be, it triggered a very significant evolution for us. We went from frozen yogurt to introducing a full healthy breakfast menu, with pancakes and chia seeds and lots of other interesting things. We really enjoyed it and the changes allowed us to attract lots of like minded staff to help improve and evolve the offering.

Claire had worked on and off in Yogism throughout the first couple of years and then at the beginning of last year she got involved full time and we went about setting up Tang. It’s a more savoury sibling of Yogism. We’ve carried over the emphasis on making sure every customer leaves happy and on only using the best ingredients available to us, from free range meats to organic milk and direct trade coffee. We’re only 9 months old but are enjoying every minute of Tang and feel like this is only the beginning of a really exciting journey.

You can find Tang on Dawson Street, Dublin or check out their website at: https://www.tang.ie/