Rewind back to 2010 where my freestyle football journey began. I was a naïve individual with no idea where the premise of kicking a ball about doing tricks could take me, at first I deemed it nothing more than a cool and fun hobby. I entered my first competition and came last. That’s right. Last. I wasn’t aware the level of the other freestylers in Ireland was so high and regardless of this, I had the epiphany that this was something I had a real, untamed, genuine passion for. And for the subsequent years that would follow, I can confidently say I have stretched myself to unfathomable lengths.

The list of sacrifices I have made all in the devotion to my freestyle development is everlasting, but I do not regret the countless hours spent training in the freezing cold Irish weather as now I have had a plethora of opportunities come my way from it. In addition to this, freestyle football has made me richer. I’m not talking financially though. I mean through rich and fulfilling life experiences. I’ve now been fortunate enough to travel to over 15 different countries because of freestyle, (often performing or competing) experiencing a diverse array of cultures and formed lifelong friendships in the process. It’s the best move I have ever made taking freestyling seriously and I still maintain that there is more to come!

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Competition Achievements
2016 – Challenge Champion Atlantic Freestyle Football Open
2016 – Sick 3 Champion Atlantic Freestyle Football Open
2016 – Ironman Champion Atlantic Freestyle Football Open
2016 – World Championship Judge
2015 – Sick 3 Champion UK & Irish Championships
2015 – Ranked 6th in the World Professional Air Combos Tournament
2015 – Top 10 European Championships
2014 – Ranked 1st Ireland
2014 – Top 4 UK & Irish Championships
2013 – Top 7 Sick 3 World Championships


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