Stocking Fillers, Waste Killers

Stocking Fillers, Waste Killers

Thrilla-in-Manila, woolly caterpillar. Chillin in a villa with my pet chinchilla. Lay my head down cos I need a painkiller. Christmas is coming and I bought a gorilla.

Don’t get a gorilla. Get some of these things (much more likely to fit in a stocking):

Keep Cup Christmas Vibes

Keep Cups

Keep Cups are good for the environment, good for holding coffee, good for hiding stolen chocolate chips and pouring them directly into your mouth. They are EXCELLENT FOR CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS. They are good most especially in black & white and with the Gym+Coffee logo on them.

Gym+Coffee Classic Blend Coffee

Coffee Beans

What goes great with a Keep Cup? Coffee of course (forget the chocolate chip things for a second). Our very special Gym+Coffee blend is back in stock and every bag is ready to pop its beautifully wrapped head out the top of a stocking.

Water Bottles

A. This is also really good for the environment. B. we made a pretty hilarious joke about water and snowmen and water bottles that you might have missed but should definitely see (go back and check your emails, people!). C. They are useful and pretty. Just. Like. You.

Gym+Coffee Christmas Gift Card

Gift Cards

Give them exactly what they want by letting them pick exactly what they want. Its a pretty simple plan but do you know what? It works. Available in denominations of €10 and delivered straight to your inbox!