December 26, 2019 2 min read

Loving life right now and super-duper into all the eating and chilling out that you can possibly do? Yeah, it’s pretty great. But maybe, just maaaaaaaybeeeee, you need a bit of a change of scene?Maybe it’s time to get out of the house again…?

Let’s ease into it, shall we?

Head to the Zoo 

Dublin Zoo only closes for Christmas and St. Stephen’s Days so it’s an awesome option when you want to be outside but you’re just not ready for full-on exercising just yet. If you’re not in Dublin, there’s loads of other options - try Belfast Zoo or Fota Island Wildlife Park in Cork!

Be a tourist in your own town

How well do you really know the city, town or region you live in? Time to find out! Make like a tourist, get yourself out of the house and do a little exploration of your own city or neighbourhood. Maybe there’s public art you’ve never seen up close or a museum or library with some awesome local info or a church that dates back centuries that you’ve just never set foot in. Time to explore!

Take a bike ride

Get on yer bike! You don’t have to be chasing after PBs or racking up major miles to enjoy a bit of craic on two wheels. Grab your bike (or borrow your mate’s, mum’s or neighbour’s!) and your helmet (safety first, kids) and get a little wind in your hair and fresh air in your lungs! Whether it’s up and down your neighbourhood streets, through a local park, along the waterfront or up and down some hairy hills, there’s freedom in cycling you’d be hard-pressed to get elsewhere.

Take a winter stroll

Nothing beats the crisp air of a wintery day, blue skies, loads of layers and a bit of a meander in the outdoors! Head to your local park for a wander or simply, quietly pace the local pavements in your neighbourhood! No need to stray far or wide to get the hit of fresh air you need!

Make use of your Christmas pressies!

From Stand-Up Paddleboards to sewing kits, gym gear (😉) to drum kits, nerve-wracking novels to recipe books. Whatever you were lucky enough to be gifted this Christmas, make moves now to start making the most of them! Don’t let those gorgeous, generous pressie go to waste on a shelf in 2020. Get up, get out, start NOW!

Get back into your workout routine

It’s SO EASY, we know, to lose the run of things over the Christmas period, and to be honest, everything in moderation, including moderation, is a perfectly wonderful way to live your life! But if the need to step away from the kitchen/living room/bed/floor is growing ever-stronger, then make a little workout your perfect reason to get out of the house. You’ll get those endorphins speeding around your body again and it’s a great way to head into the new year - already starting to achieve your health and wellness goals before the new decade even begins!

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