Vel-Oh Cycling Couture Team Zulfi and Greta

Coffee, Collabs + Cycling

Zulfi & Greta Moon are the crafty couple we paired with to create our latest collaboration, The Coffee Bag Collection! Now that you’ve met the bags, we thought you might want to meet the people behind them!

This husband-and-wife duo started their boutique cycling bag company, Vel-Oh back in 2014. The two dedicated (and super chic) cyclists were desperately on the hunt for a bag they could use on their cycling commutes to work that was both functional and looked fabulous. Everything they had found might fit one column but wouldn’t squish into the other if you paid it.

Both from design & DIY backgrounds, (Zulfi in fashion, Greta in interior & spatial design), the two go to work on a prototype and their ‘Commuter Bag’ was born. Since then, they’ve been cycling around the place (literally), making their bags on the go and on the road before settling here in Ireland where they’ve been handcrafting in rural Galway.

Zulfi & Greta from Vel-Oh Cycling Couture in Galway

All their bags come with the signature Vel-Oh polka dot material interior and use as many Irish-sourced accents as possible. When it comes time to post their wares to their dedicated slow-fashion customers, Greta cycles the 12km to the local post office to drop off their hand-wrapped & polka-dotted bags for delivery. Then it’s back on her bike for the 12km journey home!

There is a clear emphasis on sustainability, quality craftsmanship and the value of hand-made in all that these two do. Their commitment to a 2-wheeled lifestyle is genuine and we can’t wait to see them pedalling around Co.Galway in one of our Coffee Bag Collection masterpieces!

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