Mastering the Basics: Burpees

Mastering the Basics: Burpees

The final tutorial in our 5-part series with Sean Harding of Back2Basics Fitness Studio sees us mastering burpees!

Sean’s approach to coaching is to focus on proper movement mechanics, gradually progressing through different form advancements. In this tutorial, he takes us from novices to advanced burpee masters!


Place your hands on the ground and step both feet back into a strong plank foundation.

From here, step one foot back in towards your hands, followed by the other foot, lifting your hands off the ground.

Come to a full standing position and repeat!

*If you are a novice and you find this a little tricky, try starting with your hands elevated on a box or a bench first!

LEVEL TWO - Moderate

Place both hands on the ground, stepping your feet back at the same time.

Gently drop your knees and chest all the way to the ground.

Press your hands into the floor and lift your body, starting with your chest, off the ground and then step your feet (one foot at a time) in towards your hands.

Come to a full standing position.

Add a small jump and repeat.

LEVEL THREE - Advanced

Place hands on the ground and jump both feet out behind you to a full plank position.

Lower your body to the ground starting with your knees, followed by your chest.

Press both hands into the ground and jump your feet forward, making sure your heels are flat to the ground.

Jump the body up raising your hands over your head.


Thanks for joining us and SeanyB2B in this Mastering the Basics series! Make sure to check out the first four video + written tutorials too, including push-ups, squats, split-squats and hip thrusts!