Our story starts as far back as the millennium. It was the year 2000 and we first crossed paths as competitors on the rugby field. Since then we’ve gone from rivals to team mates, to business partners when we set up our first CrossFit Navitas gym in 2013. But most importantly along the way we have become great friends. We both knew that we were never suited to a typical office job. We share a passion for health and fitness and thought that there must be some way we could apply this interest (together with our stellar physiques!) to making a living. Enter CrossFit…….

We had come across CrossFit through a friend and were pretty addicted to the concept from the get-go. CrossFit is an efficient and effective way to get into shape. The typical CrossFit programme consists of constantly varied, functional movements (like pushups and pullups, deadlifts and squats, gymnastics, kettlebells, rowing, and olympic lifting), executed at high intensity in a group setting. We like to think we’re quite sociable and so we thought well if we’re good at training and good with people, then why not complete our CrossFit coaching qualification and set up our own ‘Box’.

Being honest it was a pretty daunting task – we initiated the process in the latter half of the downturn, all our friends seemed to be in secure and permanent jobs, and we had to take our fair share of set-backs. But we didn’t give up. We knew this is something we wanted to do, and in keeping with the spirit of CrossFit we persisted! In June 2013 we opened our first CrossFit Navitas gym in the Kimmage Industrial Estate, Dublin 12. We were overwhelmed by the positive response and membership sign-ups in our opening weeks. In fact, a huge proportion of our members from that very first month are still with us, we like to think that they and all our members have helped build the Navitas community into what it is today.

At CrossFit Navitas we embrace this positive way of life and practice what we believe through our coaching – our typical class includes a strength and conditioning section followed by a higher intensity workout of the day (or WOD!). This method of training helps us prepare the body "not only for the known, but also for the unknown", as per a well-known CrossFit mantra. As the guys in G+C say, stretching yourself. At Navitas we pride ourselves not only on training in this way, but also on the community that our members have built up. Our members provide support and encouragement to each other, while all the time maintaining a healthy competitive appetite.

CrossFit Navitas is proud to support Gym+Coffee. We are excited to see this new brand emerging! Their ethos of Make Life Richer fits perfectly with the training and community spirit we continuously work towards in CrossFit.
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