Gym+Coffee Company Update

Gym+Coffee Company Update

Hi all,

There’s been loads of changes for all of us over the last little while, personally, professionally and in relation to how we live our day-to-day lives. It’s been the same here at G+C and we’ve been spending a lot of time figuring out how best to continue providing our community with the gear and support that you’ve come to know and love.

One of the biggest things we’ve been challenged with is making sure our products can be manufactured, delivered to our dispatch teams and then sent out to you in a timely manner. Which is why this update is so positive. We've been doing a good amount of thinking outside the box and we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with another Irish company to help us get more gear to you, faster.

PCH is a big player and industry leader in the import-export game and has made it part of their offering to help make shipping a little easier for start-ups like Gym+Coffee. It's a huge deal for us to be partnering with PCH and what makes it even sweeter is that PCH is Irish-born. With their help and resources, we'll be in a position to have more gear available online than we ever have before.

We're excited to be drawing on their expertise and ability to navigate tricky situations like the one we find ourselves in with Covid-19. What this means for you, our community, is that now, some of your orders will go direct from our manufacturers to YOU! This gives us the opportunity to cut out shipping time, and some of our goods will come direct from the PCH distribution hub in China.

For those who are already a part of our community, you’ll notice some changes and some policy updates. You'll see some price variances on some of our products due to the increased costs and the big adaptations we're having to make and if you have any questions, you can head straight to our FAQs for some answers.

But we know that change can be a good thing and we also know that you guys are a resilient and supportive bunch.

We’re excited to continue delivering our Make Life Richer culture to you all.

Stay safe, sane + healthy,

Team G+C