April 11, 2017 2 min read

Cultural trends are incredible to watch across the world and closer to home too. Whether this interests you or not, the cultural change taking place in Ireland right now hits you square in the face wherever you look. Across all walks of life, people are changing their attitudes and behaviours, reflecting new values they now prioritise. A profound event like the recession always shakes things up but who’d have thought the effects would be so significant.

Health and wellness is the most pervasive cultural trend right now. After you’re finished reading this, take just five minutes to flick through Instagram and look at all of the people working out. Being physically active and strong is not new but the number of people now fitting this into their daily routine tells us what the new norms are. While we may be nearing peak physical fitness, we are only scratching the surface when it comes to mental fitness. Wellness techniques are coming into the mainstream but perhaps they have already been here for a while in other forms. The huge decrease in people socialising in pubs in Ireland is evidence of this cultural change. Coffee shops are the new meeting points. They fulfil the exact same role pubs have always fulfilled in Irish life, a place to meet with friends and catch up. And yet they feel entirely different!

This cultural change is happening all across Ireland. As we live in Dublin, it has been easy for us to follow this change in recent years. Places like Two Boys Brew, Tang Cafe, the Happy Pear, Crossfit gyms, Sprout and Parkruns are shining lights across the city. Even try do the Bray to Greystones walk or Howth Hill any weekend and you have to work your way past the crowds. This is not a niche movement, we are living through significant cultural change. And this change is not just happening through businesses, its is being driven by inspirational individuals. We are determined to work with these people and join them on their journey – people like Becca Gillen, Kevin and Taur in Two Boys Brew and Jody Crosbie – determined, passionate young people who want to live a healthy, happy life. We are delighted to be associated with them and can’t wait to see what’s next for all of us.

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