Chapter 5: Official Clothing Partner to Wellfest 2017

Chapter 5: Official Clothing Partner to Wellfest 2017

Chapter 5: Official Clothing Partner to Wellfest 2017We are delighted to announce that Gym+Coffee is Official Clothing Partner of Wellfest 2017. It has been a whirlwind few months for us since launching the brand in January. We have had the most amazing feedback and what makes us most proud is seeing the community continue to grow.

When we were developing Gym+Coffee before the launch, just when it was a thought, we knew we wanted to start something which was part of the health and wellness trend. This positive cultural change is happening in many countries and we want the brand to be at the heart of it by encouraging people to stretch themselves and make life richer.

Becoming an official partner of Wellfest 2017 feels like a signpost telling us we’re on the right path. Wellfest has established a strong ethos of participation, feeling good and having fun and only partner with brands which support this. It is Ireland’s biggest health, fitness and wellness festival and takes place in Herbert Park, Dublin on 6 & 7 May of this year.

With just three weeks to go, the pre-launch nerves are back again. Now we have to figure out how to be event marketers! Every day brings new challenges these days and we get such a buzz from that. The opportunity to partner with Wellfest was something we couldn’t turn down but, to be honest, it’s not something we were sure we were ready for either. Luckily, something else has stayed consistent for us, the help and support of so many people. The amazing team at Wellfest, other partners and people who have worked or attended the event before have all given us advice on how best to use this opportunity.

Thank you!

Yes, we’re pretty nervous but excited nervous and, regardless, we will be right in the middle of all the action and with new products launching it should be a very exciting weekend! If you’re coming to Wellfest please come and say hi!

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