Spotlight on our All-In Leggings

The (re)launch of a favourite

Two years ago, (almost to the day!) we launched our first range of women’s leggings and we could not have been more excited.

After more than a year of designing, preparing, testing, refining and retesting, our hard work paid off and we sent out into the world our All-In Leggings! Today, we are back with your favourite all-day, everyday pant now with some unbelievable new features for a cleaner, more sculpting fit and the flexibility to take you from morning yoga to breakfast meeting, sweat session to evening catch-up.

Why ‘All-In’?

What was originally + singularly a poker term, the phrase ‘All-In’ has taken on metaphorical meaning in a broader context and for us, it’s all about fully committing to your decisions and going after something unreservedly.

That’s what the All-In legging is about: Start your day, plan your schedule and hit the trail! A wander to the cafe, meet a friend for a walk and then head into town to pick up a few bits. On top of that, you want to fit in a quick lunch meeting and a workout. What’s missing? Loads, no doubt. Your schedule is busy but you like it that way and you made the call to go all-in on life.

It’s a hectic, varied day and one that could require a million outfit changes. But who has the time? So, you go all-in on one item. And we promise you, it’s these leggings.

A focus on detail

The design of the All-In legging started with a focus on detail and we’re happy to say this driving force remains, Since our first design, we’ve added some key details making these the perfect leggings for all-day wear:

  • High-rise waistband for comfort
  • Interior drawstring for staying power
  • Double side pockets, because you can never have too many pockets
  • Double-curve back seam for reinforced strength + sculpted style
  • Extended + raised side panel to increase durability
  • ⅞ length for flexibility

Where to wear?

I mean, literally everywhere, anywhere and always. Go All-In.

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