This past year has been an amazing rollercoaster of fun times, positivity, a lot of hard work, and a dollop of luck for us at G+C. We are so grateful for the support we have received. This year, we are setting our sights even higher. In the coming months we will be launching more products and extending the brand to an even wider audience. To go along with this we are looking to add a new member to our team.

Lead Hoodie Trier-Onner


Gym+Coffee is an Irish designed athleisure brand which passionately believes in making life richer. We want our community to enjoy all the riches that life has to offer. This includes the adventures you have, the food you eat, the memories you collect and particularly the clothes you wear. That is why we take the clothing we produce extremely seriously. After over a year of scientific testing, in a lab, we have decided to carry out a more rigorous real-world-testing programme. To do this, we are now looking to recruit an inspirational individual to join our team and be our ‘Lead Hoodie Trier-Onner’.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary (DOE)
  • Lucrative commission structure based on number of hoodies tried on
  • Lifetime supply of hoodies
  • Unlimited vacation time. Go out there and make life richer.
  • Flecksible work hours
  • 1 year contract

Things We Are Looking For In A Candidate

  • Minimum 15 years experience in hoodie wearing
  • Ability to perform in incredibly comfortable work environments
  • Mild coffee addiction expected although ability to function without caffeine impressive
  • Experience working with thumb holes preferred but not a requirement
  • Strong proficiency in zipping things up. Down is a bonus.
  • Keen interest in the outdoors, socializing with friends, coffee mornings, hiking, stretching oneself in every way possible
  • Extremely hoodie savvy
  • Passionate about making life richer

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Test multiples sizes, colours, genders in the Gym+Coffee hoodie range
  • Work closely with “Hoodie Coziness” team to help deliver the most comfortable product possible
  • Expected to try on at least 7 hoodies per week, although wearing the same hoodie for 365 days a year interests us

To Apply

Please email your CV to hello@gympluscoffee.com along with relevant references. Application/skills videos sent via Instagram Stories will be looked upon most favourably.

Equal Opportunities

Gym+Coffee is an equal opportunities employer. People of all clothing backgrounds will be considered - blazers, blouses, dodgy trench coats, vests, aran sweaters, 24/7 GAA tracksuits, onesies, pyjamas. Except non-coffee drinkers. That is where we draw the line.

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