CHAPTER 20: Celebrating all things Irish

CHAPTER 20: Celebrating all things Irish

This weekend sees the celebration of St Patrick’s Day across Ireland. Right across the world, countless countries celebrate the intangible feeling that is Irishness. As a young Irish company, we have incredible pride in the beautiful country we are from and we are constantly inspired by its deep cultural nuances.

The question we asked ourselves when starting up was, could an Irish brand connect with an audience globally? That simple question has led us on this journey to create a high quality athleisure clothing brand which brings a unique, modern, Irish perspective to the world.

We believe that it is important that an Irish perspective is communicated to the world. At the heart of Irish society is community spirit. This goes back centuries where, unlike many other countries, there was no hierarchical structure. Everything was done was for the good of the collective or the tribe.

Our goal is to build a brand and a community that inspires people to Make Life Richer. Involving our community in all aspects of G+C is at the core of what we do. We want to create everything collaboratively with our community, from the products we launch, to the events we host, to initiatives we partner on and across all our activities and programs.

We purposely want to build a new Irish brand that represents modern Ireland and that Irish people are proud to be connected with. So there is a fine balance that we need to strike and that we want to get right. There is a temptation when marketing internationally to lean on the usual Irish cliches but that is not true to who we are as a brand and not authentic to the lifestyle and the idea we are trying to represent. Our challenge is to showcase the scenery and country we love but we want to make sure it's accurate, real, done in a modern way and not with too much paddywhackery.

To mark this weekend of all things Irish, we wanted to celebrate the beauty of this island of ours alongside everything we have done in the last year. This video showcases the amazing landscapes we are lucky to have on our doorstep, the events we have held since launching last year and the amazing people who have become part of our community and helped us grow.

The support we have received so far has been incredible. It has been amazing to see how much people want to help and support Irish brands. There's huge international athleisure brands around and we're so thankful to the people who are choosing us over them. Of course, there have also been people who have questioned, how do you think you’re going to build an international athleisure brand from Ireland? To those people we say, why not?