Brian O'Driscoll South Africa Trek Finish Line Photo with Sisters

Trekking the Dragon’s Back

Photo courtesy of Nico Wills Photography.

My sisters and I are just back from our Laureus Sport for Good - Challenge Africa trek, where I helped lead a team of 100 people from all over the world, trekking 100km through South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountain Ranges. What an adventure! This epic hike was organised all in the name of a good cause and I’m thrilled to say we exceeded our own personal expectations as well as our fundraising goals.

We covered some pretty hairy terrain at times and the training we put in before heading out definitely paid off! The trek was tough but absolutely worth the effort and the scenery was truly spectacular from start to finish. Hiking against the Drakensberg Mountains backdrop and through incredible African grassland (did you catch my Gladiator moment?!) was unreal. Perfect for loads of Hoodies in the Wild pics!

Brian O'Driscoll on Drakensberg Mountains for Just Challenge Trek

Being totally honest though it was definitely the people we trekked with, who really left the greatest impact on me. We created a massive sense of community over such a short time and everyone put so much time & energy into it every day. By the end of Day 1, we were trading stories with new mates, having tired but big laughs before we crashed out in our tents for the night - really supporting each other however we could along the way. I met so many funny, interesting, deadly people and I could feel the strength and inspiration around me.

Group Picture of Laureus Sport for Good South Africa Trek

My sisters & I would like to send a genuine thank you to everyone who took part in this epic endeavour. From the participants & local guides to the logistics & operations organisers. This is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in a long time and I’m so proud to say we helped to raise more than US$420K for five very deserving Laureus Foundation beneficiaries.

We’re all taking a bit of time to recalibrate now but will no doubt be gearing up for the next adventure soon enough. And I’m really looking forward to seeing you all out for the Gym+Coffee Summer Stretch Series starting in June!


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