April 06, 2021 1 min read


We are over the moon to be bringing the Gym+Coffee Make Life Richer ethos to the beautiful city of Manchester with an amazing new Clubhouse in The Trafford Centre!!!!

Gym+Coffee Clubhouse
Unit 11
Regent Crescent


This will be our 7th Clubhouse and our second in the UK (check out Westfield, White City if you’re in London!) and will have everything you’ve come to know and love about a G+C Clubhouse plus more!!

Our community members’ Hoodies in the Wild pics will feature prominently on our walls, our up-cycled wooden floor fixtures will be proudly displaying all your favourite G+C gear, we’ve got some EPIC screens in store so you can see all the adventures our community has taken with us AND we’re adding a little bit more interactivity to the Clubhouse!

We heard Manchester is pretty keen on football… so we’ve added a goal net into the mix!

If you’re in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by and say hi or stay up to date with all the goings on by signing up below!

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We can’t wait to open our doors!

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