Wellfest Gym+Coffee Classes Line Up

The Wellfest Weekend Line-up!!

Three very different classes await at the Gym+Coffee Clubhouse during Wellfest weekend!

Our 2019 instructors are Nathalie Lennon, Billy O’Regan and Elisa Looby and they are here to inject a bit of dance, a dash of cardio and a splash of VInyasa to your Wellfest programme! Check out everything you need to know, below!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

11.00 - 11.45am: Cardio with Billy O’Regan

Join Gym+Coffee, the irrepressible personal trainer & performance coach, Billy O’Regan for an epic cardio and bodyweight class! Expect individual and partner workouts in this session, plus a whole lotta Make Life Richer motivation! All fitness levels welcome!

Billy O’Regan

Billy O’Regan has an irrepressible personality and we LOVE hanging out with him. He also happens to be a strength & conditioning coach with a BSc in Food Business, and has been working in the fitness industry for the best part of 10 years. With a passion for all areas of health & wellness, Billy is currently completing a Masters in Strength & Conditioning where his main focus is athlete development and sports performance. Billy is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals through group training and online coaching and we are totally here for ALL of that.

2.00pm - 2.45pmFearless Moves with Nathalie Lennon

If you like your workouts fast and loud, then join Gym+Coffee and Nathalie Lennon for a Fearless Moves sesh on Saturday afternoon! This is a music-themed bodyweight dance workout with high-tempo exercises set to big beats and Diva mega-mixes! Exclusive to the Gym+Coffee itinerary, Fearless Moves brings the energy and the sweat to Wellfest this year and is guaranteed to put the F-U-N back in your fitness regimen. The best sweat experience around!

Nathalie Lennon

Nathalie is a qualified personal trainer, health & fitness enthusiast, online coach and bootcamp instructor and has made a name for herself as an accessible,  inspirational fitness & wellbeing leader. Nathalie has a dance background and works hard to spread the message that fitness should be about having fun, boosting confidence, building self-esteem and feeling good!  She is a shining star on the fitness scene and we cannot WAIT to get moving with her!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

2.00pm - 2.45pm: Yin Yang Flow with Elisa

Our class on Sunday afternoon will be a gentle stretchy hug for your body to end a wonderful Wellfest weekend! We will incorporate gentle movement and play the edge with stillness - Yin style! The practice will focus on tension release so you leave feeling refreshed and light as a feather. See you on the mat!

Elisa Looby

Elisa is a Yin & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher sharing her passion for mindful movement with the Irish public! Her journey began 4 years ago as she tried to find ways to manage rising anxiety & stress from the corporate world. Yoga became her refuge and Elisa’s style is a gentle + slow practice focusing on intention and ease of movement. Her practice focuses on tension release so you’ll leave feeling refreshed and light as a feather. See you on the mat!

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