Support Your Workout – How to pick the perfect sports bra

Support Your Workout – How to pick the perfect sports bra

The foundation of any great workout wardrobe starts with a well-tailored sports bra. From walking to yoga and running to heavy lifting, whatever workout you do, you're going to need a sports bra that's both supportive and comfortable.

Ultimately the sports bra you choose has to enhance your workout and not make you feel out of place while getting a sweat on. Afterall, no woman wants to be caught out mid-spin class having to adjust their sports bra or trying to insert a gaping pad back into the bra cups.

Although we’ve firmly established the sports bra is the ultimate workout staple for women, not all sports bras are made equal. With this in mind, we’ve handpicked some of our best sports bras suited to different styles of workouts. 

Swift Bra €50 – Medium Support 

Swift Bra in Black

This sports bra means business. It allows you to push yourself and get a good workout in all while feeling supported and looking good. The Swift Sports Bra is part of the Gym+Coffee Swift range which is primarily designed for workouts that centre around endurance and working up a sweat. The ultimate support for both comfort and protection, the Swift Bra has a medium-support and is made from a Polyamide-Spandex fabric. Its cup sizing ranges from B-D and has removable padding inserts.  

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Lotus Rib Knit Bra €45 – Light Support 

Lotus Bra in Rosewood

The best thing about this particular sports bra is you hardly realise you’re wearing it. The Lotus Rib Knit Bra has a longline style and is designed with complete comfort in mind making it more breathable and less restrictive. Made from recycled materials with a low to medium support range, it is perfect for perfecting your downward dog during yoga thanks to its seamless stretch and textured rib knit fabric finish. For optimum comfort, we suggest sizing up in this product.

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All-In V-Neck Bra €50– Low-Medium impact 

Grey Sports Bra

Suitable for low to medium impact activities is the All-In V-Neck Bra that comes in a variety of colours. This stylish elasticated bra has a subtle V-neck front with removable padding and features a crossover peek-a-boo design. Not only is it incredibly soft but its design allows a bit of breathing room making it the perfect wardrobe staple for yoga, Pilates and an evening walk or light jog. 

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