August 19, 2019 2 min read

We’ve been running our Hoodies in the Wild and Pic of the Week series basically since we started this whole Gym+Coffee business. It was the very first way we started interacting with our community and began making some tangible connections with the people buying our new gear.

We’ll admit that the initial motivation for us was in part a bit selfish: we really wanted to see what our growing community of people were getting up to. We absolutely LOVED seeing you all adventuring, socialising + exercising while wearing clothes that we’d designed right here in Ireland. Watching our hoodies travel all over the world representing this brand new Make Life Richer attitude was and still is, such a thrill for us. 

The bigger push for us though was knowing that Gym+Coffee is a lot more than an athleisure brand - it’s a full-blown Community. We’ve said it before but the purchase of the gear is not where things stop for us or our people; in fact, it’s really only the beginning of the journey. It’s about taking that first step to start something for yourself, whether that’s just beginning your exercise journey or taking your current regiment and really pushing your boundaries. It’s about getting out there, doing new and challenging things, and doing it with a crew of good people. 

The last time we wrote a blog about our Hoodies in the Wild,you guys had managed to visit 5 out of the 7 New Wonders of the World… Since then, we know you’ve now reached 6 out of the 7 (Chichen Itza has now officially been visited in aMen's Maroon Tee) but there’s one last location that’s remained out of reach…

If anyone has been to Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and you have photo evidence of you in G+C gear there, we’d only love to hear from you!!! The G+C prize cupboard might even open a little extra just for you!

And speaking of prizes...

World Photography Day + Hoodies In The Wild Competition details!

Send or tag us in pics of you and your crew doing awesome things together. We’re looking for a real #MakeLifeRicher vibe here and our favourite photo is going to win a prize!

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