We’re making some improvements!

Sizing changes are here for our Women’s Hoodie Collection

Sizing for our Women’s Hoodie Collection (yep, all of them!) have been enhanced! After a bit of feedback collection (thank you!) and also just having spent a lot more time with our products, we realised that we needed to make some improvements to how we size our Women’s hoodies.
So. We did!
But now comes the confusing part…. Sorry….
As a general rule, our hoodie sizing has gone DOWN. So, if you normally go for a Medium Gym+Coffee hoodie, that Medium will in the future and forevermore be labelled as a SMALL.
If you’re normally a Large in our women's hoodies, you’re now a Medium; if you’re normally a Small, you’re now an Extra Small. Et cetera, et cetera! We hope that makes sense?
If it doesn’t quite, then have a quick gander at our size chart with measurements.
And if that doesn’t clear things up then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Or, if you’ve already purchased a hoodie but are now worried that you got the wrong size, don’t worry! If it turns out the sizing is wrong, we’ll happily switch it out for you, free of charge. There will be return posting guidelines in your delivery bag.
Equally, if the hoodie has already arrived, but the label suggests it’s not your ‘normal’ size, but the hoodie fits you anyway, then just go right ahead and keep it! No harm, no foul, we say! (Still, feel free to get in touch though if you fancy it!).
To give a real-world example, our Fleece Hoodies have the Autumn/Winter label on them. So, (bear with us here..) let's say you ordered your Small Coral Fleece Hoodie online and you wait for it, and it arrives... there's a strong chance the label will actually say Medium. That's okay. It is actually a Small and we're confident it will be a great fit. As always though, get in touch if you have any concerns!

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