August 24, 2018 1 min read

We can’t quite believe it but we are delighted to announce that our pop up shop in Dundrum Shopping Centre is now being extended to January! Thanks to everyone who has helped make the pop up such a success and most of all thanks to our community. People have reacted to this new venture with such excitement and energy and because of that it has allowed us build it even further. We knew we had a huge amount of work to do to create something of the standard Dundrum Shopping Centre look for and so it is with great pride we share this news of the store being extended.


The last 6 weeks have been such fun in Dundrum. From instore launches to yoga sessions and fitness classes outside in the square, we have been so lucky to be surrounded by such support and a fun-loving bunch. And all the fun and games will now continue for the next 5 months! Stay tuned to find out more details on what’s going on in the store.

So, thanks again for all the questions, emails, DMs and comments - we can now confirm our store is there and staying there so make sure to pay us a visit as soon as you can!

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