March 15, 2019 5 min read

Hot on the heels of double awards-celebrations, we thought now was a good time to give you a proper intro to the crew behind the coffee!.


G+C HQ is now 7-members strong (and still growing). We’re going to treat you to some more in-depth blog chats with all the lads soon enough but for now, here’s the main stuff you need to know:

Niall + Diarmuid + Karl

Captains of the Good Ship G+C. Here from the beginning. First in, last to leave. ⅔ Corkian, ⅓ Dub. Super rad and always up for grabbing a coffee. Meet our Co-Founders!

Niall is CEO and head ofTCOB at G+C. He’s worked for some of the top tech companies and even made it to the Thirty under 30 list in 2015, which is a pretty big deal. Niall manages all our big company goals and pushes our growth direction. On top of that, he can also tell you exactly where to get the very best ham + cheese croissant (toasted, obviously) and would probably take you there himself.

Diarmuid is CMO and has a pretty serious background in strategic planning + management which means that he thinks big, he thinks outside of the box and he’s got the wherewithal to know how to achieve some towering goals. He is the most interested of all of us in the NFL, which maybe is not saying much considering, what is the NFL? Diarmuid sets the tone for our marketing strategies and lets us do weird things like this and this, which makes us happy.

Karl is Head of Product Development and is the reason we have such unique and innovative collections. With a background in business management, visual merchandising and relationship management, he’s the man to go to for anything involving clothing or people and especially people in clothes. He’s also models for G+C, knows the most about coffee out of all of us, and, we’re pretty sure Karl knows every single person that lives in, has lived in or is thinking of living in Dublin.

Natalie + Kate

Natalie and Kate were the next additions to the team. Both Kate and Natalie started in June 2018, just as our Summer Stretch Series kicked off.

Natalie is our Retail Manager and has an enviable background in the clothing industry. She’s a key pillar in G+C product design & management and works closely with Karl in developing all our ranges. Similar also to Karl, she has been known to part-time model for G+C and also is never without a little bit of a pink accent on everything she owns/wears/touches.

Kate is our community guru. She’s in charge of all things customer-service and makes sure we have a happy community and a well-functioning warehouse/distribution operation. On top of that, she heads up our Ambassador Programme and is a key part of planning our events. Kate’s never far from a hockey pitch and there’s not a single one of us that could rival Kate’s skills with a hockey stick.

Adele + Allie

Allie and Adele are the newbies of the group, both having started at Gym+Coffee in November last year.

Adele leads content creation for Gym+Coffee and currently feels pretty awkward because she’s having to write about herself in the third person. Adele is from New Zealand originally and spent a chunk of time in Toronto, is a bit more coffee than she is gym but did cycle 42km the other week and is feeling pretty smug about it. She looks after all the write-y type things that happen over here at HQ.

Allie is our digital marketing expert, studied film & broadcasting and has a masters degree in executive advertising. She’s also got two of the cutest dogs in the world and you may recognize them from such things as Gym+Coffee: Dog Hoodies. Allie moved back from New York just to be here with us and she’s a master of all the analytical parsing needed for a solid digital strategy.

Retail Renegades

Natalie manages a cool crew of retail stars, and though we’re sure a lot of you have met them in our store, we wanted to make sure they get their fair dues here too.

These guys are at the forefront of building up and interacting with our community. They have an invaluable amount of knowledge of our products and are all-round good, hard-working, active, awesome folks.

Meet some of our G+C Experience Ambassadors:


Originally from Durban, South Africa, Ashlea already has a degree in Film & Media and is now also studying Physiotherapy. She has a dog-daughter named Meeko, she’s belongs to a theatre group and she apparently likes pineapple sandwiches, which….. Ummm… we’re investigating…


Jey, AKA Jessica, is originally from Brazil and studied Fine Arts back home. Here in Dublin, she’s taken on studying Business & Marketing and we just found out that she can actually juggle. Like, with three objects.


Jonathan refused to be serious when he provided answers for this ‘Meet the Team’ exercise and that’s partly why we love him so much. Grill him on the truth when you next see him in store but for now, he’s from West Philadelphia, his title is catwalk model/head of security, he studied with Derek Zoolander, plays for the Mighty Ducks and is big into competitive eating.


Sophia is originally from L.A., and to be honest until we met her we didn’t think anyone was actuallyfrom L.A. She’s studying Law and Spanish here in Dublin, she drinks americanos and she wouldn’t be caught dead in any other leggings than our All-Ins.


Dublin born and raised, Louise not only runs around the Gym+Coffee world but also runs around after two little humans - busy is the name of the game! She puts orange juice on her breakfast cereal in the mornings and we’re wondering now whether that’s the key to having more energy...


Siobhan has admitted to really only drinking tea but we forgive her for it because she consumes it via a Kit Kat used as a straw and that’s the kind of innovation we like around these parts. Her favourite G+C product is quote, “all of the hoodies” and if that’s not commitment we don’t know what is.

So there you go! This is us! The team we have now is pretty freakin great and we thought what better day to celebrate them (other than every day obviously because they’re awesome), but now especially cos we’ve just gone and won ourselves a couple of awards, haven’t we?

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