September 07, 2019 1 min read

In early October, we’re opening our brand new store at the Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick and we’re looking for some fresh, adventurous faces to grace our Community Wall!!!

If you’re from Limerick (born, raised, associated - there's room for movement here, don’t be shy!) then get your entries in to us ASAP! Tell us a bit about yourself (where you’re from, or what you’re into, or WHY YOU LOVE LIMERICK), and…

Send us pics of you, doing awesome things with awesome people in awesome gear (ahem, that means ours…) and you might get your Make Life Richer Moment immortalised on our Limerick Wall FOREVER.*

Head here for all the inspiration you need and join the ranks of incredible G+C-ers whose faces are gracing the walls of our Clubhouses!

You have until Monday, September 16th!!!!! 

Gym+Coffee Community Instagram Wall in Crescent Shopping Centre Store in Limerick

*No guarantees on that ;). 

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