What does 'Make Life Richer' mean to you?

If you really want to know how RICH you are, try counting the things in your life that money can't buy! You find richness in the people around you, you find it in the woods, the mountains, the sea NOT in an account! Love life and be you!

How do you stretch yourself?

Being yourself or figuring out what you are about is a big part of life. I like to get creative and let that kooky side of our personalities flourish, and you just never know what can come of it! You can be a book worm and delve into stories and plots, or you can get a big lump of clay or wood and create things you are so proud to have made! Or conjuring up well thought out and kwirky workouts for yourself and others!

What is your 'go to' coffee

Thru the green, flat white with an extra shot.