Have Your Say: Mid Year Survey Results

Have Your Say: Mid Year Survey Results

Back at the end of June, we took some time out to reflect on how we were tracking against our 2018 goals. It is always such a worthwhile exercise and one we love doing.

At the same time, we asked for your feedback too and to see how you thought we were doing. As we have said right from the start, we want this to be a collaborative, community-driven brand. That means getting your thoughts on what we do next and where we take the brand.

The Mid Year Survey has given us a really good sense of where we're at, from the outside in. Most importantly, it has significantly impacted some of our plans for the rest of the year with product and some plans for events for next year.

This video is just a short summary of some of the feedback we received. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey, we love hearing your thoughts and ideas.

If you still want to give some feedback then please drop us an email at hello@gympluscoffee.com.