A List of Things That Are Made From Cork

Two-thirds of our Gym+Coffee founders are from Cork, we are opening up a store in Cork and all-in-all, Cork is freakin' rad. Here are just a few (human) reasons why Cork is CLEARLY an awesome, awesome place.

Graham Norton

Graham Norton Famous Comedian from Cork

Yep, Graham Norton grew up in Cork and now we REALLY wish we all did too. He’s really funny and is ONE HUNDY P at the top of our list of People We’d Totally Go For Coffee Slash Pints With. COME AND VISIT US IN CORK GRAHAM!!!!!

Samantha Barry

Samantha Barry Famous Journalist from Cork

Editor-in-Chief + journalist + award-winner + seems super cool + Made in Cork. Hello Samantha, we’d like to hang out with you. This woman is the embodiment of the Make Life Richer philosophy and we’ve a whole ensemble waiting for her to snap up in Mahon Point if she pays us a visit. Some call it bribery. We call it ‘incentivising’.

Roy Keane

Roy Keane Famous Footballer from Cork

Roy Maurice Keane is from Cork and was a professional midfielder which, if you know anything about foozball, means he played on a thing called a pitch, kicking a ball, somewhere in the middle of said pitch. The Times puts him at number 11 in their list of the ‘50 Hardest Footballers In History’. Hardest not to like, like. G’wan Keano!

Cillian Murphy

(No Image available. Cillian Murphy is too pretty and it hurts our eyes.) 

Things that are from Cork seem to quite often be VERY PRETTY. Those of us in G+C HQ who find men-things attractive have unanimously agreed that a Cillian Murphy is definitely one of those things from Cork that is VERY PRETTY.

Gary + Paul O’Donovan

Olympic medalists, Rowing champions and Cork’s favourite sons. Paul and Gary are the lads you want to hang out with and also the lads who your mam tells you to be a bit more like (if only she knew..). Comedy gold in interviews, actual gold in their chosen field. Cork for the win (again)!

Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson King Joffrey Famous Irish Game of Thrones Actor from Cork

This young fella has a name that makes him sound like he’s the same age as Nick Nolte but he’s definitely not. He’s from Cork too (technically) which makes him definitely far more sound than one very specific and recognisable character that he’s played on the tellybox. We have an outfit waiting for you here in Mahon Point too, Your Highness.

Sonia O’Sullivan

Sonia O'Sullivan Famous Runner from Cork

Gold-medal-winning track + field athlete AND from Cork. Would ya schtaaaahhhp! Sonia now writes books, is a sports commentator, has some kids and a hubby and someone made a statue of her and it’s up in Cobh.

There are way more people (or things?) we need to include here. WHAT DID WE MISS? We’ll add them quicker than you can say ‘It’s daycent, d’ya know, like’.


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