What does 'Make Life Richer' mean to you?

Make life richer can mean so many different things, but for me, achieving the goals you previously set is my definition (through my sport, which is my life). It doesn’t have to be financially. I am rich in other ways such as travelling the world and experiencing different cultures all because of a football.

How do you stretch yourself?

I stretch myself by pushing limits and doing something with a football that nobody else in the world has achieved. I’m constantly training and when I’m not training I think about training whilst doing my social media work, editing, emailing, and travelling. I have made many sacrifices in my life to excel in the sport which shows I’ve stretched myself to immeasurable lengths.

What is your 'go to' coffee

It would definitely be a Starbucks cappuccino with a shot of caramel in it!

What is your favourite G+C Hoodie?

There is so many to choose from but I absolutely adore the Jet Black hoodie, I am ALWAYS wearing it.