April 30, 2020 1 min read

Thank you to the(literal) thousands of you who took the time to complete our 2020 Community Survey! This data is so important to us and informs how we make our business decisions. 

Your views on everything from products to retail to stores to the values of Gym+Coffee helps us to make the right calls and continue to provide you with gear, events and a community that you trust and love!

Our Gift Card winners have been contacted (congratulations!) and we’ve got a few highlights from our survey findings below, in case you’re interested!

Nearly 80% of all respondents already own Gym+Coffee gear!
You reside in 26 of our 32 Irish Counties and…. You are also in places as far away as Canada, Australia and Dubai!
60% of you like to keep fit by going to the gym and 55% of you run!
77% of you want to see us create G+C gym towels, 73% want a gym bag. 59% reckon healthy snacks should be on our product offerings and 27% want more dog hoodies!
You told us that it’s our awesome products, events, helpful+genuine staff and G+C values that keep you coming back AND a whopping 91% of our purchasing customers own a Gym+Coffee hoodie!!!!!

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