January 26, 2017 2 min read

As we approached our launch we've been asked why ‘coffee’? And how does coffee fit in with our brand? We wanted to provide some context in this introductory blog post.

To us, coffee represents so much more than just a caffeine kick to start the day. From visiting and working in cafes all around the world we have witnessed first hand how the coffee culture has grown in recent years. While it’s great to get a hot drink, going for a coffee is so much more than that. It’s an opportunity to meet friends, socialise, catch up with family, take a moment outside your home, relax on your own or get lost in a crowd! The best cafes today are built around communities of people. This really resonated with us because we want Gym+Coffee to be a collaborative community of people encouraging, motivating and helping each other to stretch themselves.

Building on this social community we feel ‘coffee' playfully represents that life balance we strive to achieve. While it is important to push yourself to achieve goals, to exercise and stay fit, it is equally important to see the big picture and enjoy the ride. Have a coffee, have a cake! To us ‘coffee' represents that natural in-between.

As we in Ireland have become more health conscious, the coffee shop boom on the streets is in full flow. People are clearly choosing cafes over pubs as a social hang out spot. This again is something we want to encourage and promote. There’s so much to do, to see and to achieve if you stretch yourself to do more everyday. Meeting for a coffee is an ideal place for these stories to start.

In our blog we will regularly be exploring this trend, and digging deeper into coffee as a topic. We’ll be looking at the newest speciality coffee shops around and which beans to look out for. You will also be updated with the latest tips on how to brew the best pot of coffee in your own home. So loads to come!

Tell us what you think, what would you like to hear about!

Team G+C

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