Our sustainability journey continues as we shift towards 100% compostable packaging for all our standard delivery and courier parcels moving forward. As we make this transition, you can expect to see our old and new packaging in the next few weeks but we felt it was the right time to share this HUGE news with you. This moment marks a big shift towards doing better business and thinking ahead to the future by looking after our planet.

The bigger picture

Behind the scenes, our supply chain and product team are constantly setting themselves lofty targets when it comes to developing sustainable practices and products. They have been very busy in this regard, for example, with the launch of our sustainable Maverick Swim Shorts (made from Ocean Plastic) contributing to our goal of a 30%+ sustainable collection overall. Further to that, we have created retail bags made from old fridges and continue to seek out partners who share the same vision around a more environmentally-friendly future. As we grow, we’re committed to finding innovative ways to protect our planet and we’re able to do this thanks to your support. We certainly have a long way to go but take great encouragement from the steps we’re taking to educate ourselves and continue to do more good work.

What does it mean?

Our new 100% compostable packaging will fully decompose over time and can be placed in your brown bin along with your food and garden waste. To be compostable, every element of the packaging must meet specific requirements including inks and adhesives used in package assembly. We’ve done all the work on our end to ensure that this is true so that easy end-of-life occurs and that decomposition won’t be impacted by any elements of the package. As always we'd recommend that you make sure to follow your local composting guidelines when it comes to disposing compostable materials.

100% compostable packaging by Gym+Coffee


  • Composting creates nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used to grow brand new material.
  • It decreases the amount of waste that ends up in landfill if we commit to composting.
  • Compost in the soil helps to attract a variety of microorganisms to assist in the composting process. Increased biodiversity in the soil leads to an overall healthier ecosystem.
  • Reducing greenhouse gases. If compostables are properly composted, then the carbon that makes up the methane gas is sequestered away in the soil, rather than released into the atmosphere.

We hope that our community is as excited about this step as we are as a team. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint through the business that we do is unwavering and relentless. Keep your eyes peeled for our new, compostable packaging in your next online order and stay up-to-date with our sustainability journey here.

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Community Sustainability

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