Are you here to just workout or workout + hangout? This award is celebrating the gyms that aren’t about the solo journey, you’re coming together to socialise + exercise with new and old friends alike.

Visiting a new place for a couple of days? Looking for a new class to shake up your weekly routine? This award is for the best pay-as-you-go / drop-in fitness class.

Exercising doesn’t need to be in a gym! This award is to celebrate the clubs bringing people together outside the gym walls in a social capacity - from swimmers, to sports to runners!

This is to celebrate all the intimate Sunrise Yoga meet-ups, group hikes, community sea dips, charity runs and more! Let us know what event has blown you away!

Tell us your absolute favourite Wellness Festivals, Fitness Games, Competitions, Mini-Marathons or any large-scale fitness event that gets you all hyped up.

Would it really be a Gym+Coffee awards ceremony if we didn’t celebrate our community’s favourite coffee shops? Tell us your number one to go-to-spot for a Flat White on the isle of Ireland!

Wellness is more than just breaking a sweat, it’s about learning something new, having fun, doing something that’s good for the soul. This category is to celebrate the G+C’s community's favourite outdoor experience - from saunas to surfing to yoga in caves!

Communities need ground breakers, trail blazers, innovators and trend setters. This award is for those who have taken the mantle and ran with it. They have built a community which has really exploded in the last year.

Social enterprises are the "OG businesses for good". They work to improve the lives of a wider community and reinvest profits into a social or environmental cause. Help us celebrate those community focused businesses in the Gym Plus Coffee sphere!


Community-based awards that celebrate those who “Make Life Richer”.

Gym+Coffee started with a burning passion to build a community around this very idea. We are looking for those people who have this same passion, they share our values and most importantly, they facilitate events and meet-ups to bring people together. The MLR awards aim to recognize and honour the contributions of those who have worked tirelessly to build community, promote health, fitness and wellness, and inspire people to lead active and fulfilling lives.

We want our nominees to represent a diverse range of people and organisations, including fitness trainers, gym owners, event organisers, yogi’s, cafes, volunteers and community leaders who have dedicated themselves to making exercise and socialisation accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether it's organising group runs, yoga classes, or outdoor fitness challenges, our nominees have shown exceptional creativity, passion, and dedication to promoting health and wellness through community building.

Through the Make Life Richer Awards, we hope to inspire more people to embrace an active lifestyle and to recognize and support those who are making a positive impact in their communities. Join us as we celebrate the incredible individuals and organisations who are making life richer for us all!


In 2023, we held our first ever Make Life Richer Awards Night at the Sugar Club in Dublin!! Thank you to everyone who made it such a special night, the atmosphere in the room was incredible.

These awards were nominated by our community, voted on by our community, celebrated by our community and represented every corner, background and passion of our community. We are inspired by you all!


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