Galway Clubhouse

The City of Tribes! Our 10th physical Clubhouse location across Ireland & the UK lands in Galway and we’re excited to bring all the Make Life Richer vibes to a city steeped with culture, adventure and craic!

It’s official, our Galway Clubhouse is open and ready for your next visit! Make sure to come by to say hello, check out all our latest gear and hear about any upcoming events that we’ve got planned for the West Coast. Galway G+C community, assemble!!

We’ve also pulled together some of the coolest cafés + top fitness hotspots near our Clubhouse for you to try out when you get a chance.


Unit 5,
Edward Square,
Barrack Lane,
Co. Galway.

Opening Hours

Mon 9:30am- 6pm
Tues 9:30am- 6pm
Weds 9:30am- 6pm
Thurs 9:30am- 7pm
Fri 9:30am- 7pm
Sat 9:30am- 7pm
Sun 10:30am- 6pm

Christmas Hours
12-Dec 9.30am- 6pm

13-Dec 9.30am- 6pm

14-Dec 9.30am- 6pm

15-Dec 9.30am- 7pm

16-Dec 9.30am- 7pm

17-Dec 9am- 8pm

18-Dec 10.30am- 6pm

19-Dec 9am- 8pm

20-Dec 9am- 8pm

21-Dec 9am- 8pm

22-Dec 9am- 9pm

23-Dec 9am- 9pm

24-Dec 9am- 4pm

25-Dec Closed

26-Dec 11am- 6pm

27-Dec 11am- 6pm

28-Dec 9.30am- 6pm

29-Dec 9.30am- 7pm

30-Dec 9.30am- 7pm

31-Dec 9.30am- 5pm

1-Jan Closed

2-Jan 9.30am- 6pm

3-Jan 9.30am- 6pm

Quiet Hours Galway Clubhouse
Every Wednesday

We are working towards a truly accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone in the Gym+Coffee Community. ‘Quiet Hour’ is now a permanent feature in our Clubhouses.

On Wednesdays at the Galway store between 9:30am-10:30am, we’ll be lowering the lights, limiting external sounds and reducing the chance of sensory overload. Often retail environments can be places that are associated with loud noise, bright lights and strong smells and the volume of people can be stressful, not just for those who identify as neurodivergent. We hope that this enhances your retail experience with us!