MLR Yoga Mat: A Gym+Coffee first

MLR Yoga Mat: A Gym+Coffee first

Get ready for a Gym+Coffee first!

Introducing the limited-edition, MLR Yoga Mat.

Find your flow and allow the natural recharge to begin with our first-ever, limited edition MLR Natural Cork Yoga Mat. The anti-slip top layer is made 100% from cork, which is a completely natural, renewable and antimicrobial material, and delivers premium, high traction performance under wet and dry conditions. With a mat thickness of 5mm, feel both supported and grounded through every pose. A high-quality, laser-etched logo print ensures that it will not fade over time.

Yoga is not about perfection, it’s about practice. Begin an adventure in self-discovery that stimulates positive energy, both physically and mentally. 

It’s time to breathe, stretch and find a full mind and body reset. 

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