What Are KeepCups? - All You Need To Know

Our Gym+Coffee KeepCups continue to be in high demand. But we’re also getting tonnes of questions about them.

  • “What are KeepCups?”,
  • “Should I start using KeepCups?”,
  • “By using them am I saving the world?”,
  • “Does using KeepCups make me better than non-users?!”

So, we decided to answer all of your burning questions here and fill you in on the inspiring story behind this innovative and impactful idea.

What are KeepCups?

KeepCups are sustainably made, reusable coffee cups. KeepCups are beautifully crafted and designed to encourage people to bring their own cup to coffee shops.

The company behind the innovative design is trying to affect behavioural change around the entire world. KeepCup wants to be known as one of the companies that kickstarted the demise of the disposable coffee cup. At Gym+Coffee we want to be part of this noble cause.

Who Designed KeepCups? - The Inspiring Backstory

Back in 1998, Abigail Forsyth started a café business with her brother. In a short period she became increasingly alarmed by the volume of packaging waste their business and customers consumed.

The real moment of clarity came as Abigail was heating milk for her daughter in a sippy cup. Imagine if she used a disposable cup to feed her? Even if she just fed her a few times a day, the amount of unnecessary waste would be remarkable.

The idea seemed so incredibly wasteful yet for a lot of us, we do this twice a day with coffee. It all seemed crazy and Abigail decided something had to be done. And so, the KeepCup was created.

The original design was a glass coffee cup that is easily washed and aesthetically pleasing. It also comes with a cork band so you can easily hold your hot drink.

Why Should I Use KeepCups?

The use of a KeepCup is dually beneficial.

Firstly, there is the positive effect on the environment. KeepCup use the line “Many small acts make a phenomenal difference” which is so true. When it comes to environmental change, it is the small individual changes that are most impactful.

People saw the harmful effect of plastic bags and started using reusable shopping bags. The same happened with recycling residential waste. Coffee consumption has been increasing at an incredible rate in recent years. People are beginning to see the huge waste being created with disposable coffee cups and want to make a change.

"Many Small Acts Make a Phenomenal Difference"

The personal benefit comes in that many coffee shops give discounts for customers that bring their own cups. Some well known coffee shops offer a 30 cent discount. If you get take-away coffee twice a day, this really adds up after a year.

€0.30 x 2 coffees a day x 365 days a year...

Just think of all the quality coffee you could buy with the savings!

Is A KeepCup Big Enough For My Coffee?

How to decide what size KeepCup to get is a very common question. If you are going to be using the same reusable coffee cup, you want to be sure it’s big enough to meet your tastes.

KeepCups come in 8oz cups. This would be a ‘regular’ in most coffee shops. 8oz is around 240ml. Perfect for small americanos and very roomy for espressos or flat whites.

For those who feel a regular coffee just won't cut it, we have new 12oz reusable coffee cups (approx 340ml) available . These bad boys are ideal for tea, iced coffee and those mornings when you need an extra caffeine kick. Whatever way you take your coffee, we’ve got you covered. KeepCup the good work!

Are KeepCups dishwasher safe?

Yes! As long as you remove the lid and pop it on the top shelf, your KeepCup is perfectly safe to go in the dishwasher.

However, a glass KeepCup will typically come with a heat resistant cork band around it so you can comfortably hold your hot beverage. While the glass itself is safe to put in the dishwasher, repeated turns in the dishwasher can cause the band to discolour and stretch. For the longevity of the cork band, we advise sticking to handwashing.

Can KeepCups go in the microwave?

Once again, yes, with the lid off, KeepCups can withstand microwave heat up to 100°C.

However, if we’re talking about a glass KeepCup with a cork band, the cork band should not be put in.

Are KeepCups insulated?

Typically no. Unless specifically stated to be “thermal” or “insulated” the KeepCup is not designed to work like a flask, keeping drinks hot for hours on end.

If you want something to hold your tea on a nice hike, look for a stainless steel insulated flask like our stainless steel water bottles. They keep liquids ice cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Do KeepCups leak?

This is a common misconception. While the tight lid ensures that KeepCups are certainly splashproof, KeepCups are not designed to be leak proof. So don’t be tempted to pop the lid on and chuck it upside down into your bag. We’re telling you now, it won’t end well!

By Using KeepCups, Am I Better Than Everyone Else?

There are unconfirmed (also entirely fictional) studies which say that using reusable coffee cups instead of disposable coffee cups makes you stronger, more desirable and boosts confidence levels. Many people have also experienced superhero-like qualities.

Okay, maybe not. But using reusable coffee cups everyday definitely reduces your environmental footprint. Your small act will also play a part in reducing the number of disposable coffee cups used worldwide. ‘Many Small Acts Makes A Phenomenal Difference.’

That definitely makes you a hero in our eyes.

Where Can I Buy KeepCups?

Well, we’re glad you asked. At Gym+Coffee, there are five to choose from. You can browse the selection on our KeepCups collection page. Due to their popularity, available stock can vary so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us for an update on stock.

We are delighted to play a part in the KeepCup revolution. Get yours today and start making your own impact!

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