July 23, 2019 3 min read

Our product team are ALWAYS tinkering away at things, updating our athleisure in ways that are not necessarily outright noticeable, but that are key to evolving and improving what we offer to you guys!

We focus a lot on feedback we receive from people in the Gym+Coffee Community and we always relish the opportunity to make an improvement or offer something new. The longer we do this, the more we learn about you guys, and the more confident we feel in what we are producing, but it’s also important not to get too comfortable!

We like taking risks too and we think they’ve been paying off - introducing new fabrics, new colour trends and an array of new styles was a big feature of our Spring-Summer Collection this year and you guys seem to be loving them! We are really looking forward to launching our High Summer Range this week (woohoo!) as well as our Autumn-Winter collection later in the year and hope that some of our risks and improvements will be warmly received!

Here are a few things that we are beginning to introduce into future ranges that we thought you might be interested in.


The black hemline on our hoodie range is now double-stitched to improve the integrity of the item and make sure that it’s up for a bit more wear and tear. When you’re scrambling up the side of the mountain, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your hoodie!

Gym+Coffee Women's Jet Black Hoodie Double Stitched HemHem


Yeah. That’s a real thing. We found that our zips were tickling the chins of our wearers, so we introduced a small piece of fabric at the neckline, to make sure that when you zip up, you’re not irritated by the feeling of metal on skin. Magic!

Gym Plus Coffee Forest Green Hoodie Zip Garage


Our hoodie and Parker thumbholes seem to be one of the most cherished things about our designs. We made the thumbholes just the teensiest bit bigger to allow for a bit more range of movement so you can wear our gear in more situations.

Gym+Coffee White Upside Zip Thumbholes

New Zippers

When we first started out, we didn’t realise just how key the choice of zipper would be in building an awesome athleisure range. We will be using YKK zippers with any new designs for the sole reason that these are the holy grail of zippers and you can’t surpass them in quality. Only the best!

Women's Grey Parker Half-Zip Long Sleeve Top with YKK Zipper

Custom Fabric Ordering

We were really keen to ensure consistency in the weight and colouring of the fabric we use so we decided that custom-ordering was the only way to go. This way, our quality control job is a lot easier and you guys know exactly what you’re getting!

Gym+Coffee Custom Fabric Hoodies Designed in Ireland

Heat Transfer Logos

We are starting to introduce heat-transfer logos for some of our more technical pieces. Items like our Women’s Leggings, Men’s Shorts and Parker ½ Zips are designed to use lightweight materials for better performance. This means though that a traditional embroidered logo can compromise the fabric - basically, it’s too heavy. We now use heat transfers to address this and we made them reflective too - safety first guys.

Gym+Coffee New Heat Transfer Logos

Pushing Boundaries

Part of our design evolution means continuing to push ourselves in what we produce. This year we introduced a completely different type of product: The Coffee Bag Collection. We were looking to do something using upcycled materials and that would allow us an opportunity to collaborate with other local brands. We found this in partnering with cycling bag brand Vel-Oh and in working with our coffee provider to source recycled coffee sacks. Sustainability and style in one!

Gym+Coffee Upcycled Coffee Burlap Backpack

There’s lots going on behind the scenes over here at G+C HQ and remember that if you ever have any suggestions for new gear or improvements to existing items, we’d only love to hear from you!

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